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British Columbia Frequency Modulation Communications Association

D-STAR Registration

Use this page as a step-by-step guideline for registering on the BCFMCA D-STAR Gateway.

Security Warnings

First, point your browser to the BCFMCA D-STAR Registration Page at https://dstar.bcfmca.bc.ca/Dstar.do. Note that this is a secure registration page, but the certificate used by ICOM to secure the connection will make most browsers complain.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will probably see a screen like:

Just click "Yes" to proceed.

If you are using Firefox 2.0, you will get a few more warnings. The first will be about the certificate being expired, it looks like:

Click "Continue".

You will then get a warning about the certificate being signed by an unknown authority, it looks like:

Click "Accept this certificate temporarily for this session" and "OK".

Finally, you will get a warning about the domain name not matching the certificate, it looks like:

Click "OK".

If you are using Firefox 3, the warnings are similar, but you will need to review the certificate before it will let you accept it and continue.

First, you will get a "Secure Connection Failed" warning:

Click on "Or, you can add an exception".

Then, you will get an explanation of why the failure occurred:

Click on "Add Exception..." to continue.

Lastly, you will get the "Add Exception" dialog:

You can tick the "Permanently store this exception" box, if you choose, but you will need to click on "Confirm security exception" to continue.

Really, there is no reason ICOM should have used a secure site for this registration page, or if they did, they should have provided a valid signed certificate mechanism, but they didn't.

First Time Registration

If you made it through this hurdle, you should finally be greeted by the login page:

To register on the system for the first time, you will click on "Register".

This takes you to the new user registration screen:

Fill out the information on this screen. You will need to read through the User Agreement and select the "Yes" button. Your callsign must be in UPPER case or you will get an error when you submit the form. Please use a valid email address so we can notify you when your registration has been approved.

When you fill out all the boxes, click "OK".

You will be prompted by a confirmation box:

Click "OK".

If the registration is successful, you should get a completion screen that looks like:

At this point, an email is sent to the administrators notifying them of a new registration. It may take a few days for them to go in and approve it. You will be sent an email to the address you provided in your registration when the account has been approved.

If you try logging in and your registration has not been approved yet, you will get a screen like this:

Add Personal Information

Once your registration has been approved, and you received an email from the administrators stating such, you will need to login and register at least one radio before you can use the gateway. This is a mandatory step that must be completed before you will be able to use the gateway.

Log into the gateway using your callsign (in UPPER case) and your password:

That should get you to the main screen. Click on the link under the Logout button called "Personal Information". This will take you to the Personal Information screen:

On this screen, you can change your password or email address, if desired. More importantly, you will need to fill in the information for each of the radios you wish to use through the D-STAR gateway.

To register a radio...

    • Click the tick box on the left of a blank registration line
    • Click on the "Initial" box, and tap your space bar to put a space in this box (unless you are SURE you know what your are doing). Most users only need a space in the Initial box
    • DO NOT click the "RPT" box
    • For the "pcname", you can enter a short description, such as your callsign and type of radio as shown in the example. The pcname can only be letters or numbers, cannot have any spaces, and cannot end in a dash. If you end your pcname with a dash, you will break stuff in the network and have a whole bunch of administrators all over the D-STAR network VERY unhappy with you!

When you are done filling in the form, it should look something like this:

A note for ID-1 users, it is important to note the IP address that is on the line that you register your ID-1 on (10.xxx.xxx.xxx). You will need that to connect to the internet, write it down.

Click "Update" and you will see a confirmation box pop up:

Click "OK" and your information will be sent to the server. You should get the following box pop up if the information you submitted was accepted without error:

You will then see that the line you just edited is now greyed out:

You can now add more radios, or logout. If you logout, you will get a confirmation box:

Clicking "OK" will log you out and return you to the login screen.

At this point, you are now registered on the gateway, and can use your radio to make calls to other D-STAR systems.

Don't forget that the "MYCALL" in your radio MUST be the same as the callsign you registered with on the gateway. For advanced users, your "MYCALL" also needs to include (in the eighth position of the MYCALL field) the character you put in the "Initial" box when you registered that terminal.

Also, don't forget to put VE7RAG G in the "RPT2" field of your radio to route your call through the gateway. VE7RAG G also needs to be in "RPT2" if you wish to use other features like DPLUS linking, reflectors, D-PRS, etc.

Good luck and welcome to the world of D-STAR!

ID-1 Users

If you are registering and trying to get an ID-1 online, you will find further information here.