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British Columbia Frequency Modulation Communications Association

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D-STAR and IRLP Reflectors

The BCWARN hub site at UBC offers lots of bandwidth for us to leverage off of.

In order to put some of this bandwidth to good use, we have assisted in getting a new IRLP reflector and a new D-STAR reflector online.

The new IRLP reflector is number 9020, and was primarily utilized for 2010 Olympics related amateur radio IRLP events. It is now available to all for general use.

D-STAR reflector REF026 is also being hosted there, and will be used for similar purposes.

The advantage to having our own reflectors hosted on BCWARN hardware is that they should still be available to us, should a major network interruption occur.


Do you have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket? Well, we can now accept donations via VISA and MASTERCARD. Just click the button on the menu on the left.

The BCFMCA is a registered charity! All donations in excess of $25 will have a tax receipt issued. Please ensure we have your correct information so we can get your tax receipt to you!.

Coverage Maps

Curious as to the coverage of our repeaters? Check out the Equipment page for further details.

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This page was last updated 28 July 2020.