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British Columbia Frequency Modulation Communications Association

VE7LAN 145.070 MHz (+600 kHz)

This machine is dedicated for use as a packet repeater for the Lower Mainland. Its operation was a joint project between BCFMCA and the (now defunct) Vancouver Area Packet Organization (VAPO). Upon winding up their organization, VAPO donated the equipment to us to continue operating.

LAN got a face lift in the spring of 1997 with the replacement of the old GE Master II RF deck with a much newer Motorola Micor. It was a unified chassis base station with a power amplifier capable of 100W continuous (set to a respectable 10W).

In 2015, the Micor was replaced with a pair of ICOM IC-F5021 mobiles, strapped together to give us a full duplex repeater. They are controlled with a Paccomm TINY-2 TNC, which has been modified to do full duplex bit regeneration repeat.

NOTE: You may need to increase your TXDELAY to take full advantage of the bit regen repeat function of the repeater. It will repeat any 1200 packet data it receives, and transmit at a consistent deviation, regardless of the input.

This repeater also has an FPAC node co-located, which can be accessed by calling VE7LAN-8. This node sits on the TPARC FPAC network, so you can access other sites from Victoria to Vernon via that network.

WinLink RMS is also supported, using LinuxRMS, address your calls to VE7LAN-10.

This repeater also runs off the DC battery plant for continuous operation.

Description Manufacturer Model
Transmitter ICOM IC-F5021
Receiver ICOM IC-F5021
Controller Paccomm TINY-2 (modified)
Duplexer Sinclair Labs. Q2220EBB
Feedline Andrew "Heliax" LDF5-50A
Antenna Sinclair Labs. SRL-210C2

Note, below VE7LAN is the MSPK99 low power digipeater.