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VE7RPT 443.525 MHz (+5 MHz) (PL 136.5Hz*)

This repeater can be (and usually is) linked to RPT-VHF for cross-band operations.

This repeater was replaced in April 2020, and now runs a Motorola SLR5700, coupled to a Glenayre 9T97A125 100W power ampligier. The power amplifier has been modified and has a transfer relay installed in-line.

The transfer relay allows for normal operations when there is AC power, but in event of a power failure (and before the generator is running, or if it is shut down to conserve fuel), the power amplifier will be bypassed. When bypassed, the 5W output of the SLR5700 will be coupled directly to the duplexer (and antenna).

This repeater is coupled to the same receive antenna as the VE7RAG-UHF D-STAR repeater. It utilizes a Sinclair receiver multi-coupler achieve this.

The normal power output has been set to run 100W.

This machine is battery backed and has autopatch access.

*The machine is normally configured for carrier access (no tone required). However, it does transmit a PL tone of 136.5Hz on its output. This allows users to set their radios for PL decode to reduce intermod problems (in their radio).

Description Manufacturer Model
Transmitter Motorola SLR5700
Receiver Motorola SLR5700
Power Amplifier Glenayre 9T97A125
Controller Link Comm. RLC-3
Duplexer Sinclair Labs. Q3330E
Receiver Multicoupler Sinclair Labs. RM31202N
Feedline Andrew "Heliax" LDF5-50A
Antenna Sinclair Labs. SRL-310C4